What are the requirements for starting piano lessons?

Having curiosity, love of music-making and willingness to challenge yourself. You need to have access to a piano or own one. Alternatively, a full-sized digital keyboard with weighted keys also works. Although prior knowledge in music is a plus, it is not a must as you can always start learning from scratch at any point in your life. Regular daily practice of 20-30 minutes for beginners is the minimum time required to see any progress in learning.

My child doesn't like music/ isn't interested in learning piano, but I think it's good for him/her. What can I do to make him/her interested? What is your opinion on that?

For piano lessons to be successful, there needs to be an interest or some level of curiosity towards music or piano from the student in order to learn. A piano teacher's job is to inspire, guide and coach, but an interest in learning piano and the willingness to focus must be there from the child. A way to encourage the love of music is exploring different kinds and styles of music through listening and dancing to different styles and seeing what sparks their interest.

What's the minimum age for children to start piano lessons?

The recommended starting age for taking private piano lessons is 5 - 6 years of age, or depending on the child's level of focus. However, I teach some children under 5 years who have shown exceptional readiness for taking piano lessons, so there is no set age but it is rather a case-by-case situation.