Piano lessons are strictly subject to the following terms and conditions:

Payment Terms

  • Individual lessons: Payment is due at the end of the lesson with no exceptions. 
  • Lesson packs: Payment of the entire lesson pack is due in advance on the first lesson. All lesson packs are non-refundable.

Validity of Lesson Packs

Each lesson pack is subject to a validity period, as follows:

  • 4-lessons: 5 weeks from the first lesson.
  • 8-lessons: 10 weeks from the first lesson.
  • 12-lessons: 14 weeks from the first lesson.

Any balance (untaken lessons) beyond lesson pack validity period will be forfeited, and students can get new lesson packs to continue piano lessons. All students should therefore make sure to take all their lessons (including any agreed make up lesson) within their respective lesson validity period.

Make-up Lessons and Rescheduling

Lesson slots are reserved exclusively to the same student on a weekly basis and students are highly encouraged to commit to their scheduled lessons. However, I understand that rescheduling of a lesson might be needed at times. Therefore, one rescheduling per month is possible subject to the following conditions:

  • A minimum notice of 24 hours must be given if a student wishes to reschedule. A same day notice will be treated as a last minute cancellation.
  • Any agreed rescheduling needs to occur within the lesson bundle validity period.

Last-minute cancellations, forgetting to cancel on time, and no-shows cannot be rescheduled (and the lesson will be deducted from the lesson bundle). If the student is not on a lesson pack, a last-minute cancellation not due to emergency or illness, and a no-show will still be charged and payment must be made in order to book the next lesson. 

Exceptionally, in case of illness, emergency or other exceptional circumstances resulting in a last-minute cancellation (i.e. on the day of the lesson), I will try my best to provide a make-up lesson according to availability. Similarly, if I need to reschedule I will ensure that sufficient advance notice is given and will guarantee a make-up lesson at the earliest availability.